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Global Diversification

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Generally, the OIP Investment Trust has holdings in 80+ countries.  

The Trust not only invests in global developed markets but in the emerging and frontier markets.  The impact investing focus is on the emerging and frontier markets whose society will benefit the most from this targeted strategy. This diversification provides downside protection in weak markets while capturing most of the market gain in strong markets.

The global asset allocation consciously provides for protection when markets decline (that is, the OIP should not lose as much value as the markets) and capture most of the gain in strong markets (that is, the OIP should slightly underperform the public equity markets in strong markets). The objective of the OIP is to outperform at least three of the six market indices which portray different risk tolerances over all time periods.

If you wish additional information on the performance or asset allocation of the OIP please contact the Chief Investment Officer at Contact Us link.