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Faith Consistent Investing

The OIP Investment Trust is a globally diversified portfolio that reflects the mission of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and of participating Roman Catholic related organizations. Faith Consistent Investing is evident throughout the portfolio with specific processes and activities designed to ensure that the portfolio meets the standards set. The OIP Investment Trust screens the portfolio, performs global advocacy work, invests proactively, engages corporations, and votes proxies in accordance with the mission.

The OIP Investment Trust reflects the mission of the Oblates to the most abandoned by providing services (through the utilization of professional investment managers and investment firms) to Roman Catholic related groups throughout the world with a special interest in the developing parts of the world where such services are not easily available or to groups that do not have sufficient financial resources to engage professional investment services.

The OIP Investment Trust is a UNPRI Signatory.

Corporate Engagement

The OIP Investment Trust takes an active role as a shareholder. This activity includes personal engagement with corporate leadership in the areas important to our participants. On an annual basis the OIP Investment Trust engages with 50+ companies.

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